The submersible craft to explore underwater worlds

DEEPSEAKER DS1 is a nautical boat in composite materials with which, in addition to navigating the surface in hydrofoil mode, you can dive in submarine mode.

How long can a submarine stay underwater?

Generally, a submarine can navigate underwater for a limited time as it will have to re-emerge to regain oxygen. DEEPSEAKER DS1, on the other hand, is a submarine equipped with a new patented oxygen regeneration system that produces air directly from sea water. This means that it recovers oxygen by separating it from the water and returning it to the passenger compartment. This allows DeepSeaker DS1 to remain submerged for an extended time.


Drive the future

DeepSeaker DS1 is compact in size and can be easily transported on a boat trailer or stowed in the garage of a yacht. deepSeaker Ds1 is also totally independent from support boats and can be introduced into the water from any marina or quay. The handling of DeepSeaker DS1 is very intuitive and a simple certified piloting course will allow anyone to pilot it.


Fly over the water at high speed

DeepSeaker Ds1 can accelerate on the water surface in hydrofoil mode reaching 23 knots and dive to a depth of 50 meters. Deepseaker DS1 is also equipped with a digital dashboard produced by HoloMask with AR technology, connectors for iPad, hydrophone for listening to marine mammals and GoPro cameras on board.


It is currently the only vessel capable of navigating as a fast and submersible boat at the same time (therefore 2 in 1). Thanks to the high performance of the electric motors, the vehicle reaches high speeds (23 knots on the surface), respecting the environment.



The second innovation is represented by the interaction between two electric motors, connected to turbines (Like a Fish Technologies – patented). In this way the craft is able to generate air by reintegrating a breathable oxygen mix to the rebreather loop during navigation. This oxygen supply is stored in a container that feeds the breathing system.


DeepSpeed jets by Sealence introduce a unique propulsion of its kindDeepSpeed. Navigating with a DeepSpeed jet, the great perceived thrust, the absolute silence, the lack of vibrations, project into a new experiential dimension.

The vehicle is designed in an automotive style, because the idea is to use it as a real car, with all the comforts of a car, with the ability to travel underwater and even on the surface.

By setting the arrival point through artificial intelligence (Tesla style), the vehicle will manage battery consumption in order to guarantee the outward journey but also the return.

By setting the arrival point through artificial intelligence (Tesla style), the vehicle will manage battery consumption in order to guarantee the outward journey but also the return.

DEEPSEAKER is equipped with an internal cockpit of resistant material (carbon) positioned in a steel rib cage which in turn is covered with a thermoplastic body. The advantage is that, in the event of a collision, the interior will always remain protected, being a separate unit from the rest of the submarine.

The submarine is also equipped with a perimeter airbag that inflates with air in the event of an emergency, for rapid ascent to the surface in the event of any damage.

The submarine is also equipped with HUS System (Heads Up Display.

The latest innovation, which is not present in today’s submarines, concerns a HUD (Heads Up Display) system derived from A / R (augmented reality) made by HoloMask to indicate constantly visible information superimposed on the display, in order to always have within eye reach all vital information.


Images in total safety

On-board electronics and instrumentation are state-of-the-art. The propulsion is 100% electric, a hybrid version with electric / hydrogen motor is also being studied.

DeepSeaker DS1’s AI safety devices feature: CO2 level alarm, depth pressure reader, emergency buoy with E.P.I.R.B., emergency air canisters for the occupants, seat belts, GPS, 3D depth sounder and much more.

iSPACE2o srl
Via Tiburtina Valeria SNC
67061 Carsoli (AQ)
VAT  02075350666
“Progetto Aliscafo/Sommergibile DeepSeaker DS1. Un’imbarcazione capace di navigare sia sopra la superficie del mare che immergersi fino a 50 metri di profondità. Le caratteristiche del mezzo sono la propulsione 100% elettrica, il sistema di respirazione con l’estrazione di ossigeno dall’acqua di mare ed i particolari motori/propulsori DeepSpeed a turbina.
Il progetto ha superato il primo SAL per il quale sono stati erogati 136.500,00 euro ed è in fase di richiesta del secondo SAL. Il SAL 1 ha prodotto la prima fase ingegneristica di progetto oltre ad un simulatore VR e la creazione dei supporti media e marketing. Il SAL2 produrrà la fornitura della parte finale di progettazione ingegneristica, dei motori, il powertrain DeepSpeed, il gruppo gestione batterie e lo scafo.”