Above and below the waves
with the Hydrogen Hydrofoil Submarine signed by
Giancarlo Zema Design Group

Fly on Water at High Speed

Navigate fast on the water like on a hydrofoil and then dive to explore the seabed up to 50 meters deep as in an ecological submarine with a futuristic design. It seems an impossible dream but it will soon become reality, its name DeepSeaker DS2 by iSpace2o.

Exclusive Design

The iSpace2o company is already prototyping its experimental model of submersible hydrofoil DeepSeaker DS1. The new DS2 version with an innovative design by the famous Italian architect Giancarlo Zema (Giancarlo Zema Design Group) is a more advanced and performing model, based on the engineering progress made previously. An incredible vehicle with soft and tapered shapes, with a comfortable and luxurious interior that promises to give strong emotions at sea.

Retractable Foils

The passenger compartment can accommodate up to 4 people in a 2+2 automotive-style configuration. Sealence’s two powerful DeepSpeed electric motors will propel the DeepSeaker DS2 across the water at speeds in excess of 35 knots thanks to retractable foils that can be deployed on the surface and retracted underwater. The DeepSeaker can also navigate the reinforced hull and perform rolls and jumps just like a plane.

Sophisticated Technologies

The DS2 is also packed with fantastic innovations. Development partnerships with innovative companies such as LAF (Like A Fish) for the artificial gill system, the hydrogen range extender with MIEEG, a new air purification minisystem from Submarine Atmosphere Control Equipment (SACE) in addition to the aforementioned DeepSpeed engines of Sealence makes the DS2 comparable to an underwater spaceship.

iSPACE2o srl
Via Tiburtina Valeria SNC
67061 Carsoli (AQ)
VAT  02075350666
“Progetto Aliscafo/Sommergibile DeepSeaker DS1. Un’imbarcazione capace di navigare sia sopra la superficie del mare che immergersi fino a 50 metri di profondità. Le caratteristiche del mezzo sono la propulsione 100% elettrica, il sistema di respirazione con l’estrazione di ossigeno dall’acqua di mare ed i particolari motori/propulsori DeepSpeed a turbina.
Il progetto ha superato il primo SAL per il quale sono stati erogati 136.500,00 euro ed è in fase di richiesta del secondo SAL. Il SAL 1 ha prodotto la prima fase ingegneristica di progetto oltre ad un simulatore VR e la creazione dei supporti media e marketing. Il SAL2 produrrà la fornitura della parte finale di progettazione ingegneristica, dei motori, il powertrain DeepSpeed, il gruppo gestione batterie e lo scafo.”